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Featured white paper: Managing a Total Product Record in the Electronics Industry

Minerva PLM for Electronic & High-Tech

This is the solution many companies have used to optimise their processes


The increased complexity of the supply chain forces many electronic & high-tech companies to focus on core competencies and collaborate with external partners for e.g. manufacturing or design. These companies need to have strong control over their IP and to have robust, yet flexible change management processes and a secure way of handling up- and downstream collaboration in the supply chain.

With more than 20 years of electronic & high-tech industry experience, converted into industry best practice capabilities, Minerva PLM for electronic & high-tech companies is a flexible PLM software solution.

Minerva PLM is packed with out-of-the-box features that ensure quick software implementation time and access to proven capabilities that support your business processes.

Take advantage of Minerva’s deep knowledge of the electronic & high-tech industry and proven practices from previous implementations with other electronic & high-tech companies.

Business Improvements

Deep electronic & high-tech industry knowledge put into best practice features inside Minerva PLM

  • Streamline the execution of the product development process
  • Make product data management (PDM) more effective to eliminate non-value-added administrative work
  • Increase the visibility of product designs and process cycle stages
  • Master data management with a full overview of the total product record, including mechanics, electronics, software, documentation, tests etc.
  • Improve internal collaboration and extend data and processes to external manufacturing and design partners
  • Structured processes for change management with specific processes to fit the electronics industry
  • Quality and compliance management, including NCR, CAPA and environmental compliance (RoHs, REACH)
  • Quick implementation due to out-of-the-box features
  • Benefit from a subscription-based solution instead of a license model

 More than 2 decades of knowledge packaged in one place!

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