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Analyst Articles


We have selected the most useful researches revealing why PLM is essential for every company striving to grow and improve.

Minerva Transforms Medical Device Product Data to a Competitive Advantage

Read what are the common issues that medical product companies experience according to CIMdata and how Medical Device PLM addresses them.


Illusion of PLM in High Tech Persists

There has been an ongoing illution shared by executives in the High Tech sector regarding what PLM is. This commentary explores the history behind the misleading perceptions, the current challenges and gaps and how to augment existing PLM systems for better ROI.

Manufacturing Enterprises of All Sizes Can Benefit From PLM

Manufacturing Enterprises of All Sizes Can Benefit From PLM

Read CIMdata's analyst paper on how industry leading companies successfully use the Aras enterprise PLM Microsoft open source software solutions to achieve results.

The Business of Engineering

CIMdata analyst commentary shares a new approach to PLM needed to connect, coordinate product data and effectively manage today’s business of engineering.

How Mobile Can PLM Go?

IDC and Aras collaborate on the emerging PLM mobile market. Learn about common success factors behind PLM implementations and mobility.

How PLM is Being Applied to Support Today's Dynamic Enterprises

Read CIMdata's analyst paper on how industry leading companies successfully use Aras solutions to achieve results.

Extending the Digital Thread with Integrated Manufacturing Process Planning

CIMdata, a leading PLM analyst firm, offers their comments on the Aras Manufacturing Process Planning (MPP) Application - designed to improve the connection between product development and manufacturing.

A Product Innovation Platform and Its Impact on Successful PLM Deployments

Analyst firm CIMdata looks at the benefits of an open and extensible product innovation platform that product teams use to transform their complete product development processes.

Cloud PLM Scenarios for the Global Enterprise

IDC researchers share opportunities and challenges of deploying different product life-cycle management (PLM) scenarios in the cloud. Included are specific approaches that the enterprise is wise to consider for PLM in the cloud.

Aras Innovator 11 : Making Collaboration Flow, Visually

Find out CIMdata's analysis of Aras's visual collaboration functionality for secure threaded discussions and more.

Aras Innovator - Redefining Customization & Upgrades

CIMdata, a leading PLM analyst firm, recently took a close look at what makes Aras so different. Find out what they learned and how it can help you Be Different too.

Aras Component Engineering Improves Development of Complex Systems in Partnership with IHS

Aras in conjunction with IHS has taken a new and better approach to the management of component engineering data and processes. Read what independent consultants CIMdata think.

Aras Scalability Benchmark Methodology and Results

Industry's Largest Independent Testing Validates Optimal Performance and Resource Utilization of Aras Innovator 10 for High User Count Workloads