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Get a head start with your PLM journey

Many organizations still struggle with simple tools to manage product configuration information, battling data silos, duplicate information and additional handoffs of data. Consequently, this way of managing complex configurations can lead to costly errors and a lot of frustration. With the increase of complexity found in products and systems today, a flexible configuration management tool is needed to manage the consistency of information.

Minerva Group has over the latest developed dedicated industry-specific solutions, based on the Aras Innovator PLM platform, helping both smaller and large manufacturing companies on the global market. As a natural extension of the success with the Minerva Solutions, Aras Corp and Minerva Group has decided to take these solutions to the next level, releasing it as a unique PLM software offering, called Minerva PLM, powered by Aras.

Minerva PLM offers rich functionalities in a user-friendly environment. And with built-in business-ready solutions for various industries, including the Electronic High-Tech and Medical Device sectors, companies are able to get a head start in digitalizing their business and manufacturing processes.

Minerva PLM Architecture 

Explore Minerva PLM architecture and get more understanding of the technology behind it. From the Aras resilient platform through Minerva PLM for all industries to Minerva PLM for Medical device and Minerva PLM for Electronic & High-Tech. 

The guide to PLM software selection

What you need to know to make an informed decision